Accessories for GPS loggers

Harness - Teflon tapes


We do offer two types of Teflon tapes for harness:
TefTape 2mm, 6,5mm, 9mm i 14mm, - all are available in ECOTONE on-line web shop (HERE)

In addition we do offer a set of accessories essential to proper attachment a logger to a bird's (or other animal) body. With this set you can assemble a harness around bird's/animal 's body to mount a telemetry unit properly. Set available at ECOTONE web shop (HERE)

You may order both TefTapes and/or Mounting set together with loggers - just add this products into request.

Data reception via radio UHF

Base station

• Enables remote programming of GPS-UHF transmitters made by ECOTONE
• Programming of: GPS interval, GPS accuracy, intervals of radio communication, delayed start, working hours of the GPS, switching on/switching off of the telemetric mode.
• Distance of bidirectional communication: 200m to 3km in the open area.
• Automatic reading of transferred GPS data, battery level, time.
• Maximum amount of loggers working with the base - 30 loggers.
• The ability to collect data without connection to the PC or by USB.
• Power supply by USB connector or battery grip.
• Set contains omnidirectional antenna – with short range.


  • directional antenna – with long range,
  • battery grip.

Battery grip

Directional antenna