"Migration map of Eagle Club Estonia"


White-tailed Eagle (WtE) (Kirilla with Ecotone logger.) is our biggest bird of prey. In general, WtEs do not migrate, but some specimen, especially immatures can make long travels before start to breed. For example, WtE tagged within ESTLAT project went in second summer to Kola peninsula at Arctic Sea. The status of this species hasn't been favourable in past, only forty years ago the breeding success was near zero and the risk for extinction was high. Hence, after prohibitation of some poisons the population health recovered and numbers started to rise. Today we can count in Estonia more as 250 pairs breeding.Today we can count in Estonia more as 250 pairs breeding. That enables to us to find out what problems may affect apex predators among birds nowadays. There is found highest cause of mortality of White-tailed Eagles by human dependent reasons - lead pollution via hunting, for example. More:[LINK] and here [LINK]

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